• 2007-09-06
    Programming of station computer for Plavinas.

    The existing station computer SW was extended with three units, G4, G5 and G7. It is implemented in Advant Controller 410. The SW includes functions such as Joint Control (MW and MVAR), Water Level Co

  • 2007-08-28
    Service on turbine governor FRVA in Melkefoss, Norway.

    I visited Melkefoss in Norway, located outside Kirkenäs. I solved a problem with an old analogue ASEA turbine governor FRVA.

  • 2007-06-20
    Customer training.

    I have given some customer training to the AES Panama personal, including excitation system HPC 840, turbine governor HPC 640, Advant Controller 110 and AdvaBuild for Windows.

  • 2007-06-10
    Modifying excitation equipment.

    I have rebuilt the excitation systems HPC 840 in La Estrella and Los Valles, totally 4 units. They are now all integrated with the ABB Freelance Scada system via a Modbus link.

  • 2007-05-10
    Commissioning of turbine governors in Panama.

    During the spring 2007 I worked in La Estrella and Los Valles in Panamá commissioning turbine governors HPC 640 and modifying old ASEA control systems. La Esterella and Los Valles have two units each