• 2008-05-16
    Commissioning of spillway gates in Avestaforsen.

    I have been to Avestaforsen and commissioned the control system for 2 spillway gates as well as the emergency control system (KAS). The newly built power plant is owned by Fortum, and the main contrac

  • 2008-02-25
    Commissioning of IMS in Plavinas.

    I was in Plavinas, Latvia, and commisioned the IMS (Information management System) and also held a customer training on this system. I was also doing some general commissioning on other systems and su

  • 2008-01-27
    Fault finding in excitation system in Ruacana, Namibia.

    I have been in Ruacana in Namibia and done some fault tracing/re-design of 3 static excitation systems that trip the units occassionally for no reason, probably due to outer disturbances.

  • 2007-10-13
    FAT for Plavinas - Station computer and IMS.

    I participated in a FAT in the Alstom Hydro test room in Västerås. My area of responsibility was the station computer and the IMS (Information Management System). I also did a training course at Novot

  • 2007-09-06
    Programming of station computer for Plavinas.

    The existing station computer SW was extended with three units, G4, G5 and G7. It is implemented in Advant Controller 410. The SW includes functions such as Joint Control (MW and MVAR), Water Level Co