The autumn 2007 I participated in a FAT for Plavinas in the test room of Alsom in Västerås in Sweden. My area of responsibility was the station computer and the IMS (Information Management System). I also did a training course at Novotek on the IMS which based upon Proficy Historian.

The summer 2007 I did some programming of the station computer for Plavinas. The existing SW was extended with three new units, G4, G5 and G7. I also did a visit in Melkefoss in Norway where I solved a problem on an old analogue turbine governor FRVA from ASEA.

During the pre-summer 2007 I worked in La Estrella and Los Valles in Panamá with modifying the excitation equipment and also with customer training. The customer was AES Panamá.

During the spring I worked in La Estrella and Los Valles in Panamá commissioning turbine governors and modifying old ASEA control systems. I was also electrical erection supervisor. GE Hydro was main contractor. One unit (G2) in each station was refurbished, new runner, new oil pressure system and new turbine governor.