In November I was in Kenya/Nairobi working for ABB Network Management. Approximately 60 substations all over the country should be equipped with RTU and communication links should be build to four regional control centers (RCC) and one national control center (NCC). My role from the beginning was to take care of the local design office, organize the working processes and check the design solutions. I have also made some planning concerning future commissioning work.

During October I was commissioning manager for E.ON. who have refurbished Emsfors G2 in Helgeå outside Kristianstad in Sweden. This was my first commissioning ever in my neighborhood.

During September I have programmed an excitation system for Alstom Hydro in AC800M. The excitation system should be delivered to Agueira in Portugal which is a pump station, which means some particular demands on the excitation system.

The summer was basically a long vacation, but I did deliver an upgrade for a programming tool to Nampower in Namibia.

In March/April I was in Dominican Republic in Jiguey and commissioned the second and last unit G1. Unfortunately the commissioning had to be postponed since major mechanical damages were discovered on the turbine and on concrete parts at the draft tube gate. The commissioning will be resumed later during this year.

In January/February I was in the Dominican Republic in Jiguey and commissioned the first unit G2.

After the New Year holidays I spend a few days in Slattefors outside Linköping in Sweden and helped ABB Power Generation to clear some old pending points in the control system 800xA