During November I was in Kenya/Nairobi and commissioned RTU:s in the substations Kiboko, Matasia and NSSF. Continued training of a local commissioning team was also part of the task.

Together with the company Modelon from Lund, I am investigating a dynamic none-linear model for simulation of water level control. The idea is, when the model has been validated, to do some typical simulations and demonstrate to Vattenfall how the water level control could be improved at locations where they are having problems.

During the autumn I have done a theoretical pre-study of the possibilities to increase the efficiency of hydro turbines by using variable speed. The task is carried out on behalf of IETV and is partly finanzed by Växtkraft (ALMI). Hopefully the pre-study will give such results that we choose to go on and to field tests in an appropriate hydro plant.

During October I was commissioning Manager for E.ON. who have refurbished Emsfors G1 in Helgeå outside Kristianstad.

During September I was in Kenya/Nairobi and commissioned the first two RTU:s in the substations Cianda and Babadogo. Training of a local commissioning team was included as an important part of the task.

During August I was in Kaunas in Lithuania and took care of some pending issues on the excitation system and also replaced an Areva transformer protection (MiCom P127).

During May I was in Manwan in China and helped ABB Power Generation to commission a newly developed turbine governor (HTG6000) based upon SW from ABB Finland (TG800) and HW from ABB Switzerland, same HW that is used in the excitation system Unitrol 6000. The sales agent on the Chinese market, Dongfang, also participated in the commissioning. This was a pilot reference, and therefore very important to ABB, since they had an order on approximately 40 turbine governors to Brazil, depending on the success of the pilot reference.

In March I was in Kaunas in Lithuania where the last unit G2 was commissioned. Kaunas is a station with 4 units on 25 MVA each. I was responsible for the vibration monitoring system and the balancing of the unit.

In February I was in Plavinas where the last unit G7 was commissioned. Plavinas is the biggest hydro power plant in northern Europe with 10 units on 100 MVA each. I was responsible for the generator protections, vibration monitoring system and the information management system.

In January i was again in Kenya/Nairobi to follow up the activities on the local design office and to introduce and brief a new manager for the department.