About HydroCon

The Company

HydroCon offers consultant services within the field ”Hydro Power Control Systems” with main focus on commissioning management, control systems, turbine governors, excitation systems and generator protections.

Commissioning management, commissioning, advanced fault tracing, custom training, technical support during tendering/purchasing and design/programming as well as modelling/simulation are only some of the tasks where HydroCon can support when your own internal resources are insufficient.

HydroCon is a one man company, created 2001 by me, Mikael Kjellsson. I am MSc EE and MBA and have previously been employed by ABB Generation (later ALSTOM Power Generation) for almost 10 years. I was appointed as Technical Specialist within the field ”Control Systems”.

I have in the past primarily worked with turbine governors and excitation systems, but I am also very familiar with generator protections, HV and MV switchgears, control systems in general, unit control, station control, communication and operator stations. Over the last years I have mainly worked as commissioning manager and with frequency control (FCR).

My thorough theoretical education, large practical experience and high ambition level guarantees that the customer always will be very satisfied when HydroCon is engaged.

mikael kjellson portrait
This is me, Mikael Kjellsson, the owner of HydroCon Consulting AB which I started 2001. I was previously employed at ABB Generation (later Alstom Power) for almost 10 years as Technical Specialist within Control and Supervision Systems.

Commissioning Management

During the last 20 years I have frequently worked as commissioning manager. Sometimes working for the plant owner, sometimes for the main contracter.


Control Systems

ABB:s systems are my specialty, I have great working experience from Master/Advant/Freelance/800xA.

I also have some limited experience of Siemens S7.

Turbine Governors

I have mainly worked with ABB:s HPC640 (AC110), ABB:s TC800 (800M) and Hydrotrol from Hymatek.

Over the last 5 years I have worked a lot with FCR (Frequency Containment Reserve), modifying and certifying more than 30 hydro units. 

Excitation Systems

When it comes to excitation systems (static and brushless), I have mainly worked with ABB:s HPC840 (AC110), AutoMagn from Voith Hydro (ABB 800M or Siemens Simatic S7) and Magnostat from Hymatek.

I also have some experience of ABB:s Unitrol F and Unitrol 6000 and smaller systems from Basler.

Global Service

I have a very high degree of process knowledges when it comes to hydro power. I have large experience of working overseas, I have worked in more than 25 different countries. Usually I can travel to any part of the world with short notice when emergency situations occur.

plavinas hydro power plant
Plavinas in Latvia is the largest hydro power station (10x100 MVA) in northern Europe. During the refurbishment done by Alstom Power, I was commissioning manager for five of the units.